Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Room Make-Over Ideas

Summer Room Make-Over Ideas

Summer is fast upon us! It is time to freshen up the rooms in the home - summer room make-overs entails bringing in some light to invoke a sense of airy, fresh and vacation-feel to your home. This article provides you with some tips on just how to do that, without the need to spend a fortune!

In general, a summer home makeover is mostly about switching heavy, dark fabrics and colors in your rooms for lighter fabrics and colors. A few inexpensive changes in each room of the home will lighten up the interior home decor and give your home an entirely different atmosphere.

Summer Bathroom Make-over Ideas

Remove heavy bath mats and replace them with teak wood deck squares to give the bathroom the spa feel. Add a couple of baskets with rolled hand towels. Add a small bowl with fresh petals floating in water. Also have a change of towels, shower curtains or window curtains, from dark to light colored, which instantly lightens up a bathroom.

Summer Bedroom Make-over Ideas

Add freshly cut flowers on the side table next to the bedroom. Remove heavy window treatments or dark colored area rugs. Use lightly colored fabric curtains, or area rugs instead. Change the dark bed linens for lighter colors. Add bright throw pillows to the bed instead of dark, textured fabric pillows.

To add a summer feel to the room in the evening, make use of a room fragrance diffuser with fresh floral or citrus scents.

Summer Living Room Make-over Ideas

Pack your winter throws that have been lying on your couch. If you have dak colored couches, then you can lighten the look by using brightly colored pillows. The idea is to have contrasting colors. You can also place a lightly colored throw on the back of your dark couch.

Another way to lighten the look of your living room is to replace dark colored lamp shades with pastel colored lamp shades. This is an inexpensive way to change the look of your room!

Remove your winter window treatments - if you had used heavy curtains, then replace them with sheer curtains.

Place fresh-cut flowers in clear vases that allows light to shine through; this invokes a summery feeling. You can also add green potted plants on a side table.

Summer Dining Room Make-over Ideas

Change the tablecloth and place mats to ones that are lightly colored - bright colors that offset the dark brown of the dining set would be good. If you have natural hard wood floors, then show them off. Let the natural light bounce off the hard wood floors instead of covering them up with carpets. For the centerpiece on the dining table, make use of fresh flowers, or fruit in glassware.

Summer Interior Home Design Makeovers

Light Colors Are Key

Glass Reflects Light
Perfect Way to Lighten a Room

Fresh Flowers in Glass Vase
Another Way to Lighten Living Room
for a Summer Makeover

Paint One Living Room Wall
A Cheery Color, Such as Pastel Yellow
And Add Accents to Get a
Summer Living Room Makeover

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Decorating Bedroom with Wallpaper

A friend wanted to re-decorate her bedroom, but did not want to actually spend the money to change the existing furniture. The question she had was how exactly to achieve a make-over and not have to spend a bomb. Well, I had some ideas for her, which I am now sharing with you here! :)

Change the Bedroom Wall Colors

One of the easiest way to change the look of a bedroom is to change the wall colors. Painting the walls is often the easy way to do this. People often shy away from wallpapering because it can be a messy job, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. But I think that is a mistake. The look of the bedroom can be changed dramatically by wallpapering only one wall, or certain areas. Doing it this way is manageable for beginners, and it is not as time-consuming or tedious as trying to wallpaper an entire bedroom.

Wallpapering Ideas for Bedrooms

Less is better. Follow the adage less is better, and you will not go wrong with wallpapering. The trouble with some wallpapered rooms is that they go overboard, plastering repetitive or unattractive patterns across a room, almost
enveloping it. If opting for a pattern, limit it. Don't go floor to ceiling on all four walls with a busy pattern. Limit the pattern paper to halfway up the wall, and contrast with a solid, or, apply the patterned print to only one wall, creating an accent wall.

Small patterned wallpaper. Small patterned wallpaper can be a good choice in bedrooms. Linear prints, small floral's, small stripes or geometrics all work well. If you want something a little different, use a modern abstract paper, or a traditional French toile paper (generally a single or two-tone eighteenth century country scene). Break up walls with wallpaper. You can also use wallpaper borders as a way of breaking up the walls, especially if you have high ceilings. These can be used about a third of the way up the wall, as well as at the top.

Wallpaper accents. Find a fun wallpaper sample or remnant that really accents your room, and frame it. That's right, no photo, painting or poster needed; simply frame the printed wallpaper to add interest to a room. Maybe choose three complementary patterns and frame them to hang side by side. You can also create a headboard and frame it in a wallpaper border. Simply apply the wallpaper to the wall around the edges where the actual headboard touches the wall. Use a solid, contrasting colored border, or even a print pattern.

Wallpaper murals. Apply a wallpaper mural to just one wall. Great for kids' rooms, family and game rooms, and other rooms needing a fun touch. Murals feature colorful, interesting designs, and are easy to apply.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when picking out wallpaper for the bedroom:

1) Dark papers will usually make a room look smaller
2) Vertical stripes will make a room look taller
3) Horizontal strips will make a room look wider

Wallpaper Ideas for Bedrooms

Elegant Headboard Styled
Wallpaper for Bedroom

Purple Funk Wallpaper for Bedroom

Green Wallpaper (Leafy Motif) for Bedroom

Modern Deep Blue Motif
Wallpaper for bedroom

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Nursery Wallpaper Ideas

Baby Nursery Wallpaper Ideas

Using wallpaper in your nursery or play room is a great way to introduce some fun colors and patterns into the decor. Before you pick out the perfect baby nursery wallpaper, you should keep in mind several factors: color, pattern and quality.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Color. For many years now, mothers have tended to pick blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls. However, this has been changing - mother are opting for gender-neutral colors like yellow or green for baby nursery rooms. Be adventurous, but do not opt for colors that will clash with the furniture in the room. Typically, colors for baby nursery rooms are bright and simple. The idea is to have a sense of airy, fresh and clean feel to the room. Keep in mind that infants focus on light colors and simple shapes, so having fancy designs will not necessarily stimulate your baby's mind.

Patterned Wallpaper. The wallpaper you pick for the room should be complementary to the wall colors. For the longest time, nursery rooms were decorated with simple wallpaper borders that had the alphabets or numbers as patterns. Today, there are a wide variety of choices. First, decide on what sort of theme you want for the room, if you want themes in the first place. If you want a nautical theme, then you should be able to find a wallpaper that is suitable for it.

Quality of wallpaper. Keep in mind that your child will grow up, so whatever wallpaper you decide on, you should pick one that can be easily removed. An easy way to avoid future problems with wallpaper is to use wallpaper minimally - you can use wallpaper as borders around the room, or only on one wall. Another important thing is to select a wallpaper that is easily cleaned - look for washable ones. Children as they grow older will write on walls!

Wallpaper mural. You can turn one wall into a play area for your child as he/she grows up. How do you do this? Well, you can place wallpaper murals on one wall - for instance, the wall can have a garden mural, or a seaside. The idea is to provide your child an area where they can let their imagination flow.

Wallpaper Ideas for Baby Nursery Room

Wallpaper Used as Accent in
Small Areas of Wall

Gender Neutral Wallpaper
for Baby Nursery Room

Wallpaper Ceiling Border
for Baby Nursery Room

Wallpaper Mural for Nursery Room

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