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Baby Nursery Wallpaper Ideas

Baby Nursery Wallpaper Ideas

Using wallpaper in your nursery or play room is a great way to introduce some fun colors and patterns into the decor. Before you pick out the perfect baby nursery wallpaper, you should keep in mind several factors: color, pattern and quality.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Color. For many years now, mothers have tended to pick blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls. However, this has been changing - mother are opting for gender-neutral colors like yellow or green for baby nursery rooms. Be adventurous, but do not opt for colors that will clash with the furniture in the room. Typically, colors for baby nursery rooms are bright and simple. The idea is to have a sense of airy, fresh and clean feel to the room. Keep in mind that infants focus on light colors and simple shapes, so having fancy designs will not necessarily stimulate your baby's mind.

Patterned Wallpaper. The wallpaper you pick for the room should be complementary to the wall colors. For the longest time, nursery rooms were decorated with simple wallpaper borders that had the alphabets or numbers as patterns. Today, there are a wide variety of choices. First, decide on what sort of theme you want for the room, if you want themes in the first place. If you want a nautical theme, then you should be able to find a wallpaper that is suitable for it.

Quality of wallpaper. Keep in mind that your child will grow up, so whatever wallpaper you decide on, you should pick one that can be easily removed. An easy way to avoid future problems with wallpaper is to use wallpaper minimally - you can use wallpaper as borders around the room, or only on one wall. Another important thing is to select a wallpaper that is easily cleaned - look for washable ones. Children as they grow older will write on walls!

Wallpaper mural. You can turn one wall into a play area for your child as he/she grows up. How do you do this? Well, you can place wallpaper murals on one wall - for instance, the wall can have a garden mural, or a seaside. The idea is to provide your child an area where they can let their imagination flow.

Wallpaper Ideas for Baby Nursery Room

Wallpaper Used as Accent in
Small Areas of Wall

Gender Neutral Wallpaper
for Baby Nursery Room

Wallpaper Ceiling Border
for Baby Nursery Room

Wallpaper Mural for Nursery Room

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Blogger ~Hailee~ said...

what is the name of the baby bedding set in the top photo. the one with grey walls and the set is white with circular polka dots. I'm desperatly trying to find this set. Please email me at hailee_08@hotmail.com

September 30, 2012 at 11:31 PM  
Blogger The Smiths said...

ditto. I love the polkadot fabric! Who makes it or where can I find it.

January 28, 2013 at 9:43 AM  

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