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English Cottage Home Decor

If you fancy having a quaint English country home, but do not live in the country, much less in England; well, do not fret. It is possible to create a lovely English country home within your existing living space.

You can create an innovative English country home decor in your own home by applying a blend of formal English style living room furniture, antique accessories and toile. Also key to the English country home style, especially for the living room interior design, would be to use neutral colors.

The simple tips below will help you achieve a regal English country look in your own home!

English Cottage Decor - As Soothing As a Cup of Tea
By Fran Sloan

The English are nothing if not practical and this is aptly reflected in the English Cottage style of decorating. That's not to say that things aren't pretty, even beautiful, in this style. It's just that practicality comes first.

The contemporary English Cottage decorating style offers a casual, eclectic and quite personal home decor. It carries its owner's personal stamp, whether it be old family black and white family photographs, crocheted doilies or a big bunch of garden flowers in a blue ceramic jug.

This decor style harks back a century or more ago, when an English cottage would have been a small dwelling occupied by local craftsmen, farmers, herders and the like. These hardworking people wanted little more than comfort in their homes after days filled with physical labor, and so this decor style combines rustic elements with pure comfort.

To start, the color palette in English Cottage style is governed by the colors of nature, from a variety of shades of green to earth brown and the tones of autumn, rust, yellow and orange. The pinks and pale reds of English roses ease this earthy color scheme, but be sure to keep these accents to muted, antique-looking shades. Otherwise, plenty of fall colors predominate.

Next, pay close attention to finishes in the furnishings you choose. A rustic fireplace and exposed ceiling beams are fine, but highly polished modern-looking surfaces are not. The same goes for furniture. A leather chair can be overstuffed and a bit worn and be perfect for this style of decor. If the upholstery is really too faded or worn for comfort, hide it with colorful floral slipcovers, another element of this style.

The kitchen in this decor is not meant to be a marvel of contemporary culinary arts. More than likely it will be on the small side, but it will be airy and open and above all, eminently practical. Store the utensils in a pottery jug next to the stove, and it will be ideal for the decor. Watch for a drop-leaf wooden table, which will be perfect for any type of kitchen duty, but can be opened up when company comes. And go ahead and leave that copper-bottomed kettle on the stove. Once the water boils, though, transfer it to a pretty china teapot covered in a crocheted cozy to keep the water hot for the tea.

When it comes to accents, every room in an English Cottage decor should nearly burst with antiques, baskets, dried flowers and herbs, a veritable riot of textures and colors that tells guests all about the homeowners. From the whitewashed ceiling to the tile floors covered in colorful, sturdy woolen rugs or wool braided rugs, this is a style built on family and heritage.

Window treatments are functional and simple. Curtains may be cafe style on rings or lacy sheers framing roller shades, but nothing should extend below the window sill.

When finishing off the decorating, don't be afraid to blend old and new. Remember, practicality is the watchword. Storage trunks could be end tables or nightstands, while an old metal inverts to make a terrific coffee table. Free-standing glass-front cabinets are perfect for displaying the family heirlooms, even if you bought them at a garage sale or flea market. Add lots of live plants, especially a couple of hanging ferns, and you'll have an English Cottage home straight out of an Agatha Christie novel.

Senior writer Fran really enjoys writing about English Cottage Decor. And he says that if you want your room to make a statement without spending a fortune then all you need to is place oval rugs or rectangle braided area rugs on your floor.

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