Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bookcases in the Bedrooms

Book Lovers Want Bookcases in the Bedroom
How to Incorporate Bookcases In Your Bedroom Interior Design

If you look at interior designs for the bedrooms, you rarely find bookcases placed in those bedrooms. Some people believe that books belong in a less intimate and less private space. Bookcases in a a grown-up bedroom are too cluttered and distracting?!

You have to wonder - do people not read in their bedrooms anymore? Instead of leaving a stack of books to pile up by your bed, or nightstand, an appropriately and creatively placed bookcase can make your bedroom brim with your intimate personal self.

If you want bookcases in your bedrooms, then check out the bedroom interior designs that we have compiled to help you tastefully decorate your bedroom.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Bookcases in the Bedrooms

Bookcases in the Master Bedroom
Placed on both sides of the doorway of the bedroom

Bookcases in the Master Bedroom
Low Height Bookcases Within Reach From the Bed

Bookcases in the Master Bedroom
Built in Bookcases in the Bed Headboard

Bookcases in the Master Bedroom
Built in Bookcase by the Bed

Bookcases in the Master Bedroom

Bookcases in the Master Bedroom
Light and Airy

Bookcases in the Master Bedroom


Monday, April 9, 2012

Dining Tables for Small Spaces

How to Choose Dining Tables for Small Apartment Living

Well, I just returned from a trip to Paris. A lovely city with stunning historical architectures, and friendly people (yes, the French are surprisingly friendly and helpful contrary to what most travelers say about them; I suppose it helps if you attempt to speak to the French in their own language!). But anyway, I discovered that Paris apartments are tiny. It was fascinating to see how the French manage to live in small spaces. Inspired by the French style of apartment living, today's post is devoted to dining tables for small living spaces.

Types of Small Dining Tables For Small Living Spaces

1. Standard Dining Table (Small Version)

These are regular dining tables that have the same designs as standard dining tables meant for larger living spaces, but on a smaller scale. Small dining tables that fall in this category include: the square coffee table, pub table, cafe tables or bistro tables with the height of a standard dining table.

2. Folding Small Dining Table

These are dining tables that can be folded flat when not in use. This type of dining table is ideal for tiny apartment living spaces such as studio apartments. When not in use, simply fold away the dining table, and push aside.

3. Drop Leaf Dining Table

The drop leaf dining table is useful when you want additional dining space when you have a guest over for instance. Drop leaf can be put up for such cases, and left down when the extra dining space is not needed. If you want not to see the drop leaf, simply place the drop leaf side of the table against the wall and cover the dining table with a beautiful dining tablecloth.

4. Wall Mounted Dining Table

This table is attached to the wall, and is space saving because it can be folded in and up. Some of these tables can also be adjusted by height.

Now that we have seen what kinds of dining tables we can use in our small spaces, let's get creative :)

Interior Design Ideas:
Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Small Dining Table with Built in Chairs

Chairs Fit Neatly Into Table
Cover with a Beautiful Tablecloth for a Clean Finish

Round Dining Tables
Are Perfect for Small Living Spaces
This One Comes with Storage Space Underneath the Table

Drop Leaf Small Dining Table

Fold-able Small Dining Table